Our story

Bharath Packagings was established by Mr. D. Govindaraj and later joined by Mr. G. Sudharsan in 1991. It was started as a Semi-Automatic Plant and catering to customers around Hosur and Banglore. New facilities were added to increase the scope of Manufacturing. Mr. D Ravindran, one of the brothers of Mr. Govindaraj, joined the business taking care of Administration and Financials.

To increase the scope of supplies, Bharathi Packagings was started in 2000 as a conversion unit to Supply customers in Tuticorin. It is taken care by Mr. RD Gandhi, another brother of Mr. Govindaraj, which was later changed to Bharathi Cartons in 2009 with updation of 5 ply Automatic Plant. In 2000, Renganayaki Papers was started as a trading company, and for further growth and Expansion, it was converted into a manufacturing Facility in 2007 with the installation of 5 Ply Automatic Plant currently run by the Second Generation with Mentoring of the 1st Generation Entrepreneurs . Over three decades, as a Family run business, our journey of steady growth has positioned us as a prominent Corrugated box manufacturer.

In 2001, Mr. L. Balendran brought his valuable expertise as a mechanical engineer with an MBA in finance and systems to the team. His blend of technical knowledge, financial acumen, hands-on manufacturing experience, and customer-focused marketing enhanced his contributions. Balendran played a pivotal role in strategic planning and business development, introducing innovative ideas and a commitment to excellence in the packaging industry, leaving a significant impact on the team and organization.

Vishal Ravindran, with a Masters in Manufacturing in the UK, joined Renganayaki Papers in 2017. His commitment to innovation and sustainability in packaging, particularly in 3D design and concepts, has been his driving force. Vishal adeptly combines his mechanical expertise with digital and 3D design, envisioning a more eco-friendly industry. His adaptability sets him apart, enabling him to lead sustainability initiatives. He's committed to innovative solutions that meet current needs and tackle future challenges, all while paving the way for a sustainable and forward-thinking future in the packaging sector.

We are dedicated to sustainability, people empowerment, integrity, and ethical practices. With a professional and customer-centric team, we provide comprehensive packaging solutions to diverse industries. At Bharath Packagings, our commitment goes beyond products – we shape experiences through quality, values, and innovation. At Bharath Packagings, we take pride in offering innovative and customized packaging solutions, a testament to our deep understanding of diverse industry needs. With a resolute focus on quality and reliability, we have forged lasting partnerships with clients who value our values. At Bharath Packagings, we go beyond packaging; we craft experiences that reflect our core ethos.

Mission Vission, Values



  • To Empower Our Employees
  • To Provide Innovative Packaging Solutions That Are Sustainable
  • To Be Responsible To The Society


  • Cater Packaging Solutions To Professional Industries at Large.
  • Respect Our Core Values, While We Continue To Do Our Business
  • Committed For A Healthy, Safe And Responsible Citizenship


  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Relationship
  • Innovation
  • Excellence



Our commitments to employees are paramount. We prioritize a safe, inclusive, and growth-oriented workplace. We foster professional development through training and mentorship, promoting personal growth. Employee well-being is paramount, and we provide benefits, work-life balance, and open communication. Our team is the cornerstone of our success, and we are dedicated to their satisfaction, growth, and overall fulfillment.

With a strong commitment to diversity, 30% of our workforce is comprised of talented women who excel in operating machines and driving innovation. We take pride in fostering an inclusive environment where every individual's contribution is valued, regardless of gender. Through their dedication and skills, these women have become an integral part of our success story, enriching our workplace with different perspectives.

Fire and Safety Training
In our commitment to ensuring employee safety, our comprehensive fire and safety training equips our workforce with the skills and knowledge to effectively respond to emergencies. These training sessions instill a culture of preparedness, fostering a secure environment for all.

At the heart of our employee-centric approach lies the provision of essential facilities. We recognize the needs of working mothers by offering a creche facility, enabling them to balance work and family responsibilities. Our dedicated transportation services and convenient dining facilities further enhance employee comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a holistic and positive work experience.

Our townhall gatherings serve as a platform for transparent communication, where concerns are addressed, and achievements are celebrated. This open dialogue enhances employee engagement and cultivates a sense of belonging within our organization.

Team Building
Through excursions and training outside the workplace, we promote team cohesion in a relaxed setting.


Trade Membership


Indian Corrugated Case Manufacturers Association (ICCMA)


Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association of India


Thoothukudi District Tiny & Small Industries Association


Hosur Small & Tiny Industries Association


Madras Management Association


Indian Institute of Packaging


Hosur Industries Association